Take a Systems Approach in Strategic Planning

When you adapt a systems approach and mindset, you begin to look at the whole and this is what creates a sustainable business. While financial indicators are often looked at in strategic plans, one of the most often overlooked gauges are the developmental indicators.

Financial Benchmarks

Creating benchmarks and metrics (both financial and other specific business metrics) helps to continuously review how the system is working. For years, I’ve seen business owners say “we don’t have the right employees.” When, in fact, they never looked at the systems the employees were working with. When they made the (sometimes slightest) change in a business system, it created improved outcomes – not only financially but their productivity and efficiency indictors also improved.

Developmental Benchmarks

One of the most interesting, but often overlooked indicators, is developmental. Broadly speaking, developmental indicators are about what systems need to be created and developed and, in The Entrepreneurial Edge SystemTM, what is called The Inner Entrepreneur. The Inner Entrepreneur is about the business owner’s hard wiring, assumptions, belief systems, how they use their time/energy and overall vision.

One entrepreneur started his day listening to the news. By the time he got to work, he was already discouraged hearing nothing but bad and negative news. He made the assumption from the information he heard that nobody had any money and his actions followed that assumption. One day, he changed his developmental system: what he listed to in the morning. Instead, each day he began to read a self-improvement book for only 10 minutes. This sparked his thinking to develop new and innovative ways to systematize union montana kalispell and monetize his business. Not only did he develop himself he started seeing different results in other areas of his business. Today, he is not only a million-dollar wage earner, but he also is living a full and balanced life. In this case, a focus on developmental indicators, yielded multiple results in other areas.

Take time to strategically plan your business. When you keep an eye on the whole system (including the Inner Entrepreneur), you see results in other areas because belief systems and hard wiring will affect your actions and your actions will impact other areas of your business.

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